With quarantine in place, ZLab realized the need for online meetups, conferences, concerts, and other gatherings.
What we did before quarantine

We use interactive technology to activate WOW-muscles at events, shows, in stores, and outside.
What we are
Z Lab is a team of constructors, engineers, software developers, and various creative technical experts, willing to give life to incredible interactive installations to amuse visitors at events, shows, in stores, and outside.

Camera robots, interactive screens and walls, digital art installations, AR/VR, and numerous products, designed and built to entertain everyone passing through them. This enables brands to get traction from users, partners, investors, and media.

Available technical experts for event installations
How we work
Z Lab builds aesthetic visual, kinetic, and interaction technologies for startups, established companies, and event agencies to delight visitors.

Step 1. Learn about a brand, its messaging, which ideas/associations should be linked to a brand.

Step 2. Learn about visitors: their expectations, concerns, what would amuse them.

Step 3. Provide several ideas and select the one. The one that leaves WOW memories, the one that stays in media for long.

Step 4. Build and implement it.
Ads are in excess. Good ones are seldom. Human-centered promo is lacking. We're solving that.
Modern users of goods and services are paying less attention to traditional means of advertisement.

Brands of tomorrow are turning their sights at alternative ways of customer attraction and engagement.

Technologies are becoming the holy grail of installation and exhibits, designed to engage with potential customers and amuse them. As a rule, the core role of any installation is played by users, with their feelings, associations, emotions, and memories.

Amusing technologies... So infinite and creative. Some allow humans to play with light and sound, some upload us into virtual worlds, others enable us to manipulate tangible objects without touching, just like magic.

Amusing technologies... The ones that Z Lab can give life to.