About Us
Z Lab performs its event technology installation services since 2017. Within the time, we have already reached the top positions in the local Ukrainian market of interaction technologies for events, shows, stores, and concerts.

We provide our services to various companies, from cozy startups, who wish to stand out, through established enterprises, who are willing to show their strength, and to event agencies, who serve the former two.

Our Services
We discover the message, which shall be communicated with your visitors. Then we think which technologies and installations could deliver the message in an engaging way. Finally, we'll provide you with several ideas comprising of different technologies and falling into separate budget categories.
Electronic engineering and mechanics
In accordance with a selected idea, we'll run all the works with tangible materials, including purchasing components, shaping them to the needs of a project, electronic engineering, soldering, set up of electronics, installation of all mechanical parts and engines, censors, and binding everything into a working construction.
For hundreds of elements to be combined into a visual, audial, or whatever else symphony, we need to establish their interactions on a software level. Additional software manipulations may be applied for server actions, such as visitors registration, downloading and sharing videos, and more.

For virtual reality projects, the software part would be significant, as designing a virtual environment and objects is time-consuming.
Team constructing Kinect Mirror Wall
What makes us different?
We create top-notch technological interaction installations for international brands. Confidentially. Consistently. On-time.
High quality
We are meticulous in choosing a technology for Wow-effect, as well as for choosing its materials, which should be safe, light, elegant, and pleasant.
Full range of services
We cover projects from A to Z. We'll show you the latest ideas in technology, will choose the best materials, will construct and install the installation.
Creativity is a cornerstone of modern Wow-installations. Our team is consistently monitoring news and trends in the field, to make sure your installations are ahead of user expectations.
Technical skills are important, but alone don't provide magical effects. Z Lab cultivates and shapes professionals, who communicate well, understand the needs of clients, who deliver on terms and time.
Besides the internal team, Z Lab collaborates with a variety of freelancers and experts across multiple industries. For tasks, which don't require custom development, we often use existing solutions to reduce production costs, both for us and for our clients. Here we'd love to thank all those guys, who share their work on the web for others to use. Including those, whose photography was used for building this website: Alexandre Debiève, Fotis Fotopoulos, Josh Hild, Christiann Koepke, timJ аж 2, Ricardo Gomez Angel, Mark Basarab, Tony Stoddard.