mirror room

One can't have too many mirrors

An interactive room with lighted mirrors. All around, above, and below. Most of them react to a human presence and respond accordantly, themselves and light reflections.
Social media have taught us to seek the best content and unique positioning of ourselves in the digital world. We all wish to have photos and videos in the circumstances, unavailable to others.

Z Lab has created a mirror-based photo and video room for everyone in it to look out of this world.
To create this video and photo booth, we made a reflective floor and a sealing, and 12 movable side mirrors with dimensions of 30*6*200 cm each. To maximize the effect, we add 2 special columns with 12 light beams each, so the pictures and video are saturated and full of light.
How it looks
Customer Result
This photo zone is available for rent and was used by 3 national brands in Ukraine. The installation was presented at a Jazz Festival and several shows, each time generating a blast of content for social media to promote the brand and their placement.
How we did it
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