Kinetic mirror wall

If a mirror was alive

How a Kinect-based mirror attracts attention and helps establish a deep connection with visitors.
All of us have done staff in front of a mirror.
Sometimes we simply watched ourselves from different angles, sometimes danced, acted, spoke to ourselves...
Seldom was seeing ourselves in a funhouse mirror.

What about an alive mirror that imitates our movements?
For a reflection to become alive, we used a Kinect system to catch moves, 384 tiny mirrors and movable Arduino platforms for each of them. And, of course, a bit of magic to tie it together.
How it looks
Kinetic Mirror Wall - Elements with your reflection move as you do
Customer Result
The interactive mirror was developed to attract attention to a brand. It has been shown at multiple shows and concerts in over than 10 cities, with a dozen thousand people interacting with it. Visitor feedback is incredible. The installation establishes powerful memories and adds an association of innovation to the brand.
How we did it
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