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- вигляду аватарів
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- можливостей аватарів
JUNE 1st – AUGUST 15th
Azulezhu Tiles
A collection of traditional Portuguese tiles XVII - XVIII centuries
JUNE 1st – JULY 15th
Animalistic Designs
by Jane Snow
More than fifty designs
JULY 8th, 7 p.m.
Egypt Arts Lecture
Early Dynastic and Old Kingdom Period Art history
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The museum exposition includes the Earl Ainsley's heritage, representing the cultures of different countries
East Sculpture
Sculptural Art Monuments from Japan, China, Korea and India
Weapons and Armor
The collection includes monuments of European Weapon Art of the XI-XVIII centuries
The collection includes fabrics, carpets and costumes of Europe, China and African countries
Western European Sculpture
Works from VI to XIX centuries
Antique antique furniture from the collection, personally collected by John White
The library holds rare, and sometimes the only, editions of XIII to XVIII centuries
About museum
You can find out the detailed history of the museum and its exposition on our sightseeing tour.
Ainsley has a rich, multi-faceted heritage. The castle was built in 1289 by Duke Everly. In 1679 it was rebiult and purchased by John Sharlock Ainsley, 1st Earle Ainsley. Earl Ainsley was a patron of the arts and collected art works from around the world.

For many years, the Ainsley Museum organizes exhibitions and conducts educational activities on the history of arts in continuation of the Earl Ainsley's tradition.
The museum hosts guided tours of the architectural and park ensemble, expositions and exhibitions.
Ainsley Museum excursion
Excursion to the Museum permanent exhibition. History of living rooms, bedrooms and libraries interiors.

Excursion duration: 90 min
Cost: £40
Ainsley Museum sculpture
Collection of portrait, historical and animalistic sculptures from all over the world.

Excursion duration: 90 min
Cost: £40
Ainsley Museum front yard and garden
Architecture, sculpture and landscape of the park part of the museum

Excursion duration: 90 min
Cost: £40
+1 123 456 78 90
5 Craigview Ave, Johnstone, UK

Opening hours:
Daily from 10AM to 6PM
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