portrait of multiple layers

Panoramic Portret

The world is full of astonishing views of nature and cities. Let's combine those views with the attractiveness of humans.
Portraits have become an important element of our culture. Every day we see photos of friends and celebrities.

Competition pushes us forward, to add more creativity to our photos.

At Z Lab we realize the state of things and decided to bring photography at events to the next level.
Here is a brief recipe. You need a camera, a variety of panoramic views, a software to cut the person out of the background, and a user interface.

The interface allows users to combine their photos with the views in a preferable way, such as editing 2-photo interconnection level, deciding in the panoramic view should be above the face or note, changing tones, and similar.
How it looks
Customer Result
The photo-zone of two-layer portraits exists to attract visitors to the brand. More than in 10 cities it was shown at multiple exhibitions, shows, and concerts. As usual, it leaves astonishing memories of an innovative brand.
What people see
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