photoN-fall made of thousands led-lights

A column of dancing diodes

A mind-blowing installation of dancing lights and shades, designed to bring a peaceful feeling, as if observing natural views.
We all have watched how water flows and fire burns. We asked ourselves if we could imitate a similar experience with technology.

Phonos helped us to find the answer. Since they flow like water and shine similar to fire.

The installation helps anyone passing by to feel the beauty of nature, expressed with technology.
An installation of a similar scale required building a 5-meter tall construction with a diameter of 2 meters. The architecture consists of 91 hanging lianas * 32 two-cluster pixels * 6 diodes. In total, we have 17,5 thousand diodes.

Every visitor is happy to interact with the installation while playing around with animation patterns. For those patterns, we used symmetrical and organic silhouettes of dynamic nature. The patterns enabled people to sync with what they see.
How it looks
Customer Result
The client used this installation to present its brand at Kyiv Light Fest, which attracted dozens of thousands of people within a weekend. As a result, the client presented its brand with a bright and vivid demonstration, which was seen even beyond the territory of the fest.

An additional feature to write your name on the installation has provided deeper contact with visitors with additional input fields.
How visitors interacted
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