Interactive light wall

Vitalize with a touch

A wooden wall feels to a hand touch, and responds with a light, temperature, shakes, and various expressions. A beautiful combination of organics, interface, and technology.
As a kid, did you dream of doing tricks?

Z Lab has enabled visitors to interact with a wooden surface like an interface. The surface was covered with tiny sketches of production capacities, interconnected among themselves with various logistic routes.

Altogether, the map allowed visitors to get acquainted with the company's structure and processes through phygital experience. The production capacities shined with light once touched, uncovering their role and connection to other departments.
Let's briefly demystify the technology behind it. The installation consists of a wooden wall, (didn't expect this, right?), 2 low-angle projectors and a system to detect a hand touch. We prefer to keep the latter out of sight, as it remains the key trick of a wooden wall, feeling touches.
How it looks
Customer Result
For the sake of attracting a young audience of potential employees, the wall was shown at one of the biggest work fairs. The wall itself told the story and the structure of the company. At the same time, the innovative nature of the wall has established a strong belief that the company applies the newest technology.
How we did it
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